Ian Watson    Sculptor - Papermaker - Painter    

I like making work that that is surreal and has a touch of humour. I am inspired by nature, science and literature.


 I have sculptural work in paper and other materials.   


I use watercolour, acrylic, oil, ink, pastel and collage. Some of my work is ephemeral and recorded photographically. 


 I also make and print card designs including custom made cartoons. Contact me for prices.

       Available for     and on Amazon in paperback form

Rudolph's tale ISBN-13:978-1503097889 and ISBN-10:1503097889    

      Available on                        both in paperback

An Ickenham Railway Story ISBN-13: 978-1503116122 and ISBN-10:1503116123

Too many hats ISBN-13: 978-1503254886 and ISBN-10: 1503254887


I am in the process of self-publishing a number of children's books

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If you are interested in purchasing or exhibiting any of my work or commissioning new work please contact me: here

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